If you are reading this, it is because you are surely a photographer, you are in Singapore, and you are looking for a photographic studio where you can develop your photographic projects with tranquility and with all the professionalism that your photos deserve you are in the correct photographic studio!

In this article, we will give you 5 reasons why you should know our Singapore photo studio so you have it in mind in your next project.

A cozy and pleasant photo studio

They are large sized photo studio bathed in natural light, which you can use as you need, for our team the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with our service, so that your stay in the studio is the closest thing to being at home but with all the advantages of a professional photographic studio

In Singapore photography studio you can make different photographic projects and adapt the space according to the photographs you are going to take, we are prepared for photographic sessions of:

  • Castings, video castings and professional books.
  • Advertising Spots and Advertising Photography
  • Product photo
  • Corporate Photography
  • Still Life Photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Portrait Photography

We have the photographic material you need!

Photographic equipment rental service
Renting will always be cheaper than buying, you know it and we know it too, that’s why we offer you the option to rent all the photographic material that we have available and that you need for your photographic sessions in studio. We have three rental options for the studio, which we will talk about later, in which with the same rental rate, we include lighting equipment and colored backgrounds.
We are also photographers and we know that doing a photo shoot is much more than shooting; requires preparation and making you (as a photographer) and your work team feel comfortable and can take the time to get professional photographs.

Basic studio rental option:

This option is created for small photo sessions that do not require too much time, you will count for half a day (4 hours) with the photographic studio and you will have the right to use all areas of the study.

Standard studio rental option:

It is the rental option that most clients usually take, because in addition to having the study areas for a full day (8 hours) we also include a basic lighting equipment and most importantly one of our professional photographers, i.e., during your photo shoot you will have all the support and assistance of a professional photographer What more can you ask for!

Option of full rental studio:

Yes, there are more! This is the most complete rental option we have for you, with this option you will not need anything in the photo studio, just your talent! During a full day (8 hours) you will have: a complete photographic studio with different areas (shooting, makeup, coffee break, etc.) a photographic assistant willing to help you to make your photos totally professional, a complete lighting equipment (everything you want and available in the studio) and different color backgrounds.

The photographic studio is in Singapore!

The last reason we will give you to dare to know our photographic studio, is that it is located in Singapore, a city full of art, magic and life, it is also one of the most photographed cities in the world, so we know that here Great ideas and great photographs emerge. Our location in the city is also ideal, you have a subway station to a street, bus stop and a parking nearby. You have no excuse!