The belief and assumption that iPhones do hold a better and augmented resale value, in the long run, is true. This is chiefly because all their phones are modernized to Apple’s latest iOS versions for at least 5 years since the year that a specific phone was launched. Hence, they retain their value better than that of most other phones in the market. If you’re planning to sell, or trade-in, or give away your old iPhone to buy the new variant of iPhone, here are some of the key points to do and remember.

To ensure a smooth process you should follow these simple steps before you sell, trade-in, or give away your old iPhone to make sure that your personal and confidential data like contacts, call logs, emails, and messages are not mishandled or misused by anyone. If you have and paired an Apple Watch with the iPhone, make sure to unpair the Apple Watch before the iPhone trade in. Before you delete the iPhone’s data, it is imperative that you first take a complete backup of everything, so that you can re-establish the same to your new iPhone.

You can take backup to your local machine through iTunes or backup to Apple’s servers via iCloud. iCloud seamlessly takes the backup of most of the important data on your iPhone on a daily and regular basis. But to be double sure, you can manually take a backup before formally deleting the data. Moreover, if the iCloud Backup is activated, one can still physically take a backup through iTunes.

Now that you’ve taken the complete backup of your data, you can adhere to some steps to erase the data and settings from the iPhone. It is recommended that the iPhone has a full capacity charge or is connected to a power source before initiating the process. To do this one needs to launch the setting app, click on the general option, followed by a click on reset, and finally click on Erase All Content and Settings options.

There are quite a few Singapore-based online mobile shops that deal with phone trade-in and specialize in iPhones. If you have planned to trade-in the iPhone, check out this online mobile shop at to get the best deal in trade-in and buybacks of various variants of iPhone. Before sending off the phone, the user will have to make sure that the Find My iPhone feature is turned off and disabled. To do this, navigate to Settings, your name, iCloud, and finally to Find My iPhone. Once you arrive there, click the Find My iPhone button to turn it off. Most importantly, one also needs to remove the iPhone from the Apple ID Account.

Another important task before trading in iPhones is to deregister iMessage on the iPhone. Unless the user explicitly turn-offs iMessage, there’s a chance that the iPhone endures getting messages dedicated to you, even after it has been sold off.