What would you need if you are in any country, say Singapore, and going to start a new company? At least, your registered office address is necessary. Maybe, you have an office space or you’re working from home, and have the building’s address. There may be a chance that you don’t have an address to use as your office address, but it won’t be too hard to find an address for your office.

The registered office doesn’t mean that you operate from that address. Most companies operate on a different location than their registered office address.

Registered Address: A statutory requirement for company incorporation

You can make an application for incorporation and need to mention your registered office address in the application. This is a mandatory requirement without which your company cannot be formed in Singapore. This is not possible for most business owners who don’t have an office address to contract for rental office or buy some office space without forming the company.

If you’re a foreign business owner, the problem is more complex for you. The only problem in company formation is the registered office address, although it may not specifically be a physical office space.

Solution: Hire a virtual office

You don’t have much difficulty to find a registered address for your company. Your problem is resolved when you hire a virtual office in Singapore. This is not a problem because you can make use of Registered Address Services to hire a virtual address and fulfill the requirement of Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) to provide registered office address in your company incorporation application.

This is an elegant solution which is quite affordable as well. So, you may be out of the awkward situation without having a physical office, but owning a virtual registered office for your company. You don’t need to go anywhere and find the one while sitting in your home.

Use virtual office service for registered office address

The concept of virtual business address is gaining prominence in contemporary time and most businesses use virtual office address for their business these days. The jargon “company first or address first” is over when you own a virtual address. For foreign business owners, the virtual office address is like a blessing in disguise. There are virtual office address services in Singapore and they can be contacted for this purpose.

Timcole is providing Incorporation Services in Singapore that can be contacted for support in this matter so that you can have peace of mind.

Benefits of a virtual business office

There are more benefits of owning a virtual office address than a physical office. It is a matter of just a couple of minutes to hire a virtual office without legal formalities. You can avoid many costs such as office rent, infrastructural costs, overhead costs, administrative costs, etc. that are inherent to a physical office.

You need to pay only a fixed rent when you hire a virtual office, which is quite affordable compared to the rent of a physical office. You can make it your registered office address.

The virtual office service will also provide you with mail notification and mail forwarding facilities. Some service providers also arrange additional service such as the internet, video conferencing, meeting room, etc. for their clients.