Do you want to become a nurse and confused about which college in Singapore is best for your nursing degree? If so, then don’t worry because in this article you will come to know about different colleges in Singapore that are perfect for pursing your nursing course.

With a speedily aging population and the upsurge of chronic diseases, the requirement for nurses in Singapore is increasing. Below-stated are the names of a few colleges or universities that provide the best nursing degree in Singapore and ensure that you have a bright future in this field.

National University of Singapore (NUS)- Bachelor in Science (Nursing)

For the first time, this university started a nursing degree in the year 2006 and experienced great popularity in recent years. It provides inter-professional education where you will learn & study different fields such as medicine, dentistry, etc.

In this way, you develop excellent skills and also get prepared for multidisciplinary care work which is important for a bright future in the medical field. The duration of this degree is 3 years along with the option to take an honors year. During your degree, you will not only learn how to care for patients but also get exposed to Evidence-Based Health Care.

The course fee of this Singapore university cost SGD 8,950 For Singaporeans, 12,550 for Singaporeans, and for international students it is 19,150 annually.

Singapore Institute of Management (SIM GE)- Bachelor of Nursing

It is one of the leading private institutions in Singapore and the campus contains all the modern facilities like a wellness centre, performing arts theatre, etc.

The degree of this college is awarded by the University of Sydney, which is Australia’s first university and ranks on the 9th position worldwide in research excellence as well as University nursing education.

The course duration for the post-registration degree is 1-2 years and for an honors degree, it is 2 years. All the classes in this college will be conducted under the guidance of professors who are experts in the medical field. The course fee is SGD 26,065 and for honors 23,540.

After completing the course successfully, you will have great knowledge and help patients in a better way.

Ngee Ann Academy- Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Honors

Previously known as the Ngee Ann Adelaide Education Centre, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Honors is awarded by King’s College London. Ngee Ann is the first-ever degree of KCL.

KCL positions 2nd in the world and 1st in the UK for nursing. The course duration of this college is 24 months.

Therefore, the above-stated are few top colleges in Singapore that can help you to successfully complete the nursing course.