Everyone has their own opinion about which floor will be better and more comfortable. What looks good to one visitor may not be so great to another. For example, you like to be on the 10th floor and enjoy the scenery, and others even think scary about life at such a height.

Everything is very individual, but Amber Sea developers offer to consider several advantages and disadvantages of living on a particular floor. You can read more on official website of Amber Sea @ 30 Amber Gardens.

Of course, a lot depends on housing, once it was problematic to choose an apartment in old houses due to a faulty roof, problems with sewerage and basements. Modern developers, including the real estate company Far East Organization, are so well thought out planning of Amber Sea floor plan and every detail that residents will feel equally comfortable on the first and last floor.

In the old apartments, the upper floors were sold at significant discounts and promotions due to constant problems with the roof and attic. In modern new buildings, on the upper floors is often located luxury housing – Premium condominiums or penthouses. So, over time, the history of the highest floors may receive a completely new development. The upper floors are simply designed for young people or families, but will not be very comfortable for retirees.

Although there are no problems with the elevator, the elderly often choose housing on the ground floor. It is also worth noting that on the 9-10th floor the air is much cleaner. Of course, this is not so noticeable, but people with respiratory diseases are advised to choose an apartment on the upper floors. The advantage is that the owners of apartments on the upper floors can watch the incredible beauty of sunsets and sunrises every day.

The ground floors also have their pros and cons. Usually, housing on the 1st-3rd floor is a bit cheaper, which is already a big advantage. And the idea that a quiet life on the ground floor will be hindered by a basement, worn-out pipes or uninvited residents – is untrue for apartment owners in new buildings. On the contrary, the ground floor is always comfortable, cozy and accessible.

Residents of 1-3 floors are not afraid of breakdown of the elevator, and it is easiest for them to evacuate in an emergency. There are very few such cases in new buildings, but it would be wrong to completely exclude this item.

And yet, the advantage is that when repairing or buying bulky goods, you do not have to pay loaders for their services of lifting goods to the floor, because in this case you can come to the aid of a neighbor. Children can safely jump or run around the apartment, as no one will be disturbed.

Residents of the 4th-8th floors were also very lucky. The apartments on these floors are bright and cosy. They are such a golden mean, so they are the most popular. Great for families with children. Birds fly past the window, and depending on the location of the house, residents can observe the beautiful landscapes of their city. Investors first buy apartments on the 5th-7th floor, then on the 4th and 8th, as such housing can be sold much more expensive after construction.

Each floor has its advantages and disadvantages, which must be analyzed before such an important step as buying an apartment. However, modern residential complexes offered by reputed companies are simply the embodiment of convenience and aesthetics. Experts advise you to turn to specialists who will help you make the right decision.